This leash resolves the problem of the dog tipping you over by lunging because it has a low center of gravity.  It doesn’t fit on all bicycle frames and can cause a dangerous situation if not properly installed.  Also, as with some of the other leashes I’ve mentioned, this keeps your dog at the back of the bike.  The danger is that he/she can’t see what’s coming.  It has no ‘give’ in it, so the dog can’t step out of the way, and at the back of the bike, anything can fly in it’s face.  With the lead as long as it is, the dog can also get up to the tire to bite at it. To me, this looks dangerous for the dog, so if you decide on this one, make sure you have a mirror on your bike so that you can keep a good eye on your dog

Sunlite Bicycle Dog Leash

Product Details

  • Hands-free from leash
  • Easy low attachment
  • Prevents dog from becoming entangled in wheel or frame
  • Maintain control & stability on bike


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