Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash

Every dog needs exercise.  Dogs love to run.  Trouble is, there are safety concerns in just letting your dog loose to run by him/herself.  Some folks can’t jog and while walking offers great exercise and discipline for your dog, it just doesn’t get enough excess energy out of the dog.  That’s why I like the idea of riding a bike and running the dog alongside.

This bike attachment is a great idea.  It lets you control the speed by concentrating on the brake levers of your bike without worrying about holding onto the leash.  It is made of stainless steel, so the dog cannot move in too close to the bike and that’s a great feature.

One of the problems I have with this leash is that it has a high center of gravity.  It attaches to your bike seat bar.  If you have crazy dogs like mine, your dog will lunge at something and you will be pulled to the ground.  They offer a lower attachment, sold separately, that attaches to the frame at the wheel and this can resolve that problem.

I have other concerns, however, on this leash.  There is no flexibility in this leash.  If your path narrows or the dog needs to fall behind to avoid an object or otherwise needs to get out of the way of say, a branch, your dog can’t move.  He/she is in a fixed position.  This leash seemed dangerous both to the rider and the dog.

Product Details:

Dimensions : 14 x 4 x 2 inches
Weight : 2 pounds
Description: Stainless steel leash


Product Videos:

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